• When we pause, close our eyes and take a few deep breaths, we can notice our present moment experience
  • When we become aware of our experience, we give ourselves the power to choose/change our experience
  • It all begins with giving ourselves permission to press pause on everything we are doing and truly experience our authentic selves
  • This mindfulness practice can help us regulate our emotions; reduce stress, anxiety and depression; give us greater focus; allow more empathy and connection in our lives
  • When we come back to the conversation we were having, the work we were doing, the experience we were having with our children, we feel more at home in ourselves

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5 Ways You Can Pause During Your Period 1. Take the day off work Give yourself permission – you’re worth it! 2. Listen to your body’s alchemy What are you hungry for in life? What do you need to let go of to manifest your deepest desires? 3. Pour love into your food As a way…

Dear soul sister, Pause has become a very important part of my life and shapes the way I relate to my worth as a woman. I previously had a big business career and then became a busy full time mom, and I was constantly trying to prove my worth by what I did. I never took time to pause…

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