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 As we evolve, so do the terms we use.

We thought we’d put together a glossary of the most common terms we use – tongue in cheek intended!

Check in – Telling people all the things that are going on for you that you were taught to hide at all costs. “You seem down today, can we do a check in?”

Collective Creation – a more trendy way of saying “working together”

Denial – What you’re accused of when someone doesn’t agree with you

Feminine Energy – all the good adjectives such as love, nurturing, teamwork, faith

Fine (as in “I’m Fine”) – Frantic, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional

God – See Universe

Higher Self – the person in your head when you’re meditating that you wish was there all the time

Holding Space – not doing anything and hoping what you want to happen, will. As the Beatles said, Let it be.  “I’m holding space that my daughter will make friends her first day at her new school”

Masculine Energy – anything having to do with numbers, technology, competition, greed and money. “There was a lot of masculine energy at that conference”

Mindfulness – the process of calming your mind by getting into your body. Maybe should be called “bodyfulness”?

Mirror – things others do that piss you off, which you absolutely, positively never do yourself

The Collective – every woman who visits our site

Trigger – something that pisses you off – it’s just a more evolved way of saying it.  “That meeting triggered me”.

Work – the combined efforts you make to improve yourself. Note, this work is never paid, in fact you’re usually the one paying!

Universe – See God

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