We often become reactive, sometimes explosive. We get so busy living other people’s lives that we forget to live our own.

A life of precious moments. A life of presence.

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Mindfulness is Freedom

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We are all born free. When we look into the eyes of a child, we see their wildness, their freedom to simply be. With all the expectations on us as women, we often lose touch with our freedom.

Freedom to love. Freedom to be ourselves. Freedom to make choices.

10 Badass Women from HerStory

Which women have inspired you to claim your freedom?

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Exercises to Help you Find Freedom


Find your Key to Freedom

Key to Freedom Meditation

I invite you to find a comfortable position and begin by bringing full attention to this moment. Allow your body to settle. Gently and slowly, begin to watch your breath, inhaling gently through your nose, feeling whatever sensations arise. Notice where you feel the breath the most. Notice the inhale and the exhale. When you exhale I invite you to let it be long and quiet. In your imagination where does your breath go as it enters your body?

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Freedom in the 4 Directions

It is an ancient custom to honor the four directions. I work with the four directions daily to help me maintain my inner sense of balance. It is a reminder of where I am each day (physically and in the bigger sense of my life!) and the importance of keeping in alignment with my inner truth. When I am aligned with my truth I am free from illusion, self-judgement, and the many ‘should’s we are bombarded with from external places. I am free to be myself!

If you would like to participate in this daily ritual, print out this infographic and place it in a sacred space in your home. Meditate on it daily (I would suggest in the morning) and feel free to customize it. These four qualities are beautiful reminders of what it means to be empowered by the divine feminine. Our femininity is a gift

Meaningful Freedom

Meaningful freedom is a process; it is a continuous part of life. This e-book allows readers to experience new freedom through personal stories and insightful journaling exercises, so you can form a foundation of inner strength

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Claim Your Freedom


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Freedom & Alignment We all have different themes for our life stories. A strong theme for me has been freedom: I am attracted to freedom stories, to activists and people who express themselves authentically. And I’m also deeply attracted to real love stories! But what, really, is freedom? In my own life, I’ve found that…

Finding the Key to Myself Most of my life I have had a bad case of eleutherominia: an intense and irresistible desire for freedom. Through much of my young life I longed to travel, to roam free, to escape.  And as I’ve grown older I’ve begun to question – what am I escaping from? And…

Committing to Freedom Day by Day I still remember the day I left my corporate job as an international marketer for a large company. As I held a box containing my personal items, I said my last goodbyes to my friends and co-workers, to my office of five years, and even to the job title…

Freedom and Unconditional Love What would we do differently if we were driven by unconditional love? How differently might we serve? What if how people perceived us didn’t matter? What if criticism or praise could be seen as simply feedback? I recently listed my inner critic concerns and afterwards I noticed a trend: lack of love,…

As I sit here with pen and paper I realize that writing has been a gift of freedom for me in my life.  My journey to freedom started 15 years ago while I was lost, burnt out from caregiving, trying to make sense of my husband’s dying of ALS, and facing the reality of my…

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