The Woman’s Network is a resource, platform & community of like-minded soul sisters


W e believe that every woman deserves to live life to the fullest, as her most authentic self, and that the world needs her gifts. We support women in fully showing up for life by bring healing techniques out of the therapist’s’ office and into women’s everyday lives in a safe and accessible way. We want to offer women the opportunity to translate some of the current treatment strategies into a format that’s personal and community based. And most of all, we want to empower women to feel healthy and whole, finding their unique voice and living out their dreams and aspirations!

We believe that when we heal ourselves as women, we will heal the world.

mission-2Our mission is to liberate women from self destructive patterns so we can awaken to our sovereignty

and together create a more heart centered world.

Our Founder

Lois Shannon

“For most of my life I had no idea what it meant to be a woman. I embraced masculine qualities in an effort to fit into the existing models of power & success. By being in meaningful connection with other women, I’ve learned to love everything about being a woman. This held the key to living a full and purposeful life. If you’re looking to join me on a journey to wholeness and vibrancy, I created this sisterhood for you!”

— Lois Shannon


Lois’s Journey

L ois has been on an intensive path of self discovery in an attempt to understand and embody what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. After feeling a deep disconnection with herself and the world around her, Lois reconnected by remembering and reclaiming her worth through an active Mindfulness practice and by sharing in a community of women. She then began running her own women’s groups to facilitate honest, open communication and saw amazing results. The Woman’s Network (TWN) was born from these gatherings and a desire to collectively heal the imbalance that is experienced internally within the hearts of many woman.

Lois is trained in facilitating Trauma Constellations and teaching Mindfulness, with experience in Somatic Bodywork and Five Rhythm Dance. Lois has worn many hats over her lifetime giving her unique insight into the many roles we play as women. She had a successful business career, including being highlighted in the Wall Street Journal in 1999 as one of the top 30 Business Women in Europe. She held senior management positions at Bain & Company, Apple Computer Europe and Russell Reynolds Associates in London before becoming a full time mother living in the South of France. After almost 20 years in Europe, she now lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and three teenage children.




Where am I?

Mindfulness, Silence, Stillness, Awareness, Being With

Pause is the first step towards systemic change, healing and transformation. The practice of pausing allows us to notice where we are in our lives and connect to our individual experience. This means sitting in stillness and silence long enough to observe our own unique thoughts, body sensations and emotions. Pausing creates space for us to make conscious choices.

Who am I?

Psychology, Conditioning, Lineage, Values, Unique Gifts

When we explore ourselves, we can begin to witness ourselves in a larger context. We can see ourselves as a product of all our previous experiences and all the people who came before us in our lineage. We can also explore our gifts and dreams which were birthed into us and long for expression in the world.

How do I show up?

Movement, Health, Wholeness, Pleasure, Presence

Our bodies have their own intelligence and wholeness that longs to be remembered. When we take full ownership of who we are, the wisdom of our body speaks to us so we can find our way home to ourselves. Embodying our values and bringing our minds and hearts into alignment allows us to show up as our most authentic self.

What do I share?

Courage, Authenticity, Vulnerability, Empathy, Service

Full expression means that we are no longer ruled by scarcity, unworthiness and a feeling that we are unlovable. Instead we are in service to self-love, the love of others, and the love of life itself. We are able to share our gifts with the world, unleash our full potential and stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.

Our Team

Lois Shannon

Lois Shannon

CEO & Founder
Kenya Brading

Kenya Brading

Co-Founder & Creative Director
Meghan Dulsky

Meghan Dulsky


Our Advisors

Chantal Pierrat

Founder Emerging Women

Natalia Vega-Berry

CEO The Global Brain

Donna Morton

Director of Business Strategy at Principium Investments

Diana Claire Douglas

Founder InSpiritWorks

Debbie Huttner

Impact Specialist / Financial Advisor at Colorado Capital Management

Karna Liv Nau

Founder Karna Liv Nau

Alison Prideaux

Mindfulness Instructor at Omindfulness

Ilene Naomi Rusk

Trauma Specialist, Healthy Aging Consultant, Diagnostics & Psychotherapist at The Brain & Behavior Clinic