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Patti is a psychotherapist, parent coach, writer & midwife of the divine feminine.

Watch our live discussion with Patti Ashley about Mary Magdalen & the Divine Feminine:

5:48 “When I talk about the Magdalen archetype I’m not talking about religion, I’m talking about a story that’s been told. The question is – how does this story affect us as women?”

11:11 “The story of Mary Magdalen to me is the story about having cut off the feminine parts of self.”

14:01 “So much of the feminine is still lost and we’re in this time now where women are trying to do it all, but they can’t really do it all.”

15:14 “We’re not giving ourselves love and what we need because we’re so busy.”

23:05 “There’s an abundance of compassion, nurturing and unconditional love. We just have to allow it to be greater than our fear.”

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Creating art is a great way to pause and get out of our heads. In my workshops for mothers I have an activity where women can create a paradox box to help contain the tension of the opposites that so often push and pull us off center. CLICK HERE for directions


Exploring our inner self take courage and tenacity to stay the course. Looking inward is an important tool for creating sustainable change in our life and in our families. Sometimes asking questions can start a whole new wave of truth that we wouldn’t have noticed had we not taken the time to ask. Here are a few Journal Exercises from my book (Living in the Shadow of the Too-Good Mother Archetype) that explore the idealization and suppression of mothers, unrealistic expectations, judgement and guilt.


Meditation has been proven to actually improve the functioning of our brains. Taking time to breathe and be still is a powerful way to embody our truth as a woman. At the end of my book, Living in the Shadow of the Too-Good Mother Archetype, I include a chakra meditation designed specifically to help mothers heal any old wounds from their own lives as well as their ancestral ties. CLICK HERE to give it a try!


Being our authentic self requires tenacity and courage. Stepping out in the world without the masks and fears that have been historically the norm allows us to embrace our true self and shine the light we are meant to be in the world. Ritual, dance, music, art and poetry are a few ways to express our feminine. Writing a cinquain poem is a great exercise for women to do alone or with their child(ren.) One type of cinquain is outlined below:

(This style may be written about anything, however most often describes a person, place, or thing.)

Line1: One word 

Line2: Two words 

Line 3: Three words

Line 4: Four words

Line 5: One word


Here are a few examples from woman I have known

is hard
and even harder
when we try too
I cry
because yesterday you
went away to college
of mine
is nowhere now
because time passes and
love you
more than words
more than life itself


Dream Catcher

Patti owns and operates Breakthrough Psychotherapy and Parent Coaching in Boulder, Colorado where she helps individuals, couples and families meet the challenges of today’s world. Patti uses a unique therapeutic approach that guides clients on a journey of breaking-through old dysfunctional patterns and belief systems. Her process of excavating and integrating the authentic self leads you into a healthy, whole and vital life.

Patti is also the author of the book Living in the Shadow of the Too-Good Mother Archetype, published by Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing. In this book, she reveals the truth about being a good enough mother and dispels the myths of being a perfect parent. After many years of working with parents and mothers, she has discovered the lost feminine, and her passion for reclaiming the Sacred in everyday life.

Patti has over thirty-five years of experience in the fields of education and psychology, some of which include: teaching special education classes; developing parenting programs for healthcare programs; teaching classes in child development, infancy and care-giving; directing school-based mentoring programs; and counseling individuals, couples and families.

Dr. Ashley holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in psychology; a Master of Science degree in early childhood education; and a Bachelor of Science degree in special education. Nonetheless, she truly believes that her most valuable education came from raising her four children, currently ages twenty-seven through thirty-five.


Patti offers a highly individualized and intuitive approach combining elements of developmental psychology; inner-child healing; cognitive therapy; strength-based therapy; art therapy; dream-work; and depth psychology. She guides her clients into deeper realms of self-awareness and inner healing, at a pace they are ready and willing to step into. She believes that healing happens in the heart and must be embodied in our cellular memory, not just our minds, for sustainable transformational change.

Ways you can work with Patti
  • Individual therapy and coaching
  • Couples and Family therapy and coaching

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