Dear soul sister,

Pause has become a very important part of my life and shapes the way I relate to my worth as a woman. I previously had a big business career and then became a busy full time mom, and I was constantly trying to prove my worth by what I did. I never took time to pause because pausing meant having to look at myself, which was the last thing I wanted to do. Learning how to pause has allowed me to validate and become comfortable with myself and all of my experiences, and realize that my worth is intrinsic in simply being who I truly am.

Recently my daughter, who is 12 years old, asked me some questions about her period. This conversation immediately triggered me – I felt my wounded inner child rise up and say, “Why did my mother never teach me about my body, or what it meant to be a woman?” Instead of shying away (or running for the hills) from the situation because it felt uncomfortable, I chose to pause, take a deep breath, and stay open and curious about my daughter’s experience. We had a beautiful conversation that allowed my daughter to learn about her body. I quickly realized that she knew next to nothing about her own body and that if I had not been able to stay present for the conversation, she may have been at risk. Because if I don’t tell her about her body then who will? The internet? A boy that is happy to explore her body for her?

Pausing gives us the opportunity to become mindful of our emotions, our bodies, and our experiences so that we can not only honor ourselves but also our loved ones. I believe that this is integral to raising the next generation of women, so that their worth is never in question.

Love and hugs,


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