What is our Inner Light?

We all have a light that shines from within… a light which can make us feel whole, unashamed, loved unconditionally… Everyone’s light is different and provides each of us with unique experiences.

The road to finding our inner light is not always easy or obvious. And sometimes when we find it, we are not well supported to share it.

Together we can support one another to nurture our light and share it with the world!


Accepting Light & Darkness Online Event

  • What if we learned to acceptourselves?
  • What if we learned to embrace both our light and our darkness?
  • What if we created a new way of being from this place of non-judgement?
  • What if we put as much energy into making a life as making a living?

Watch our webinar to connect with your inner self and embrace your light and darkness!

Exercises to Help you Find your Inner Light

5 Days of Intention Setting

Guided Meditation

Find a quite place and settle in, perhaps on a cushion on the floor, or a straight back chair. I invite you to gently close your eyes. Imagine that you are in a very dark space. Perhaps you can feel how you are supported by the floor or the chair, and notice the places of contact with your body. Now take a moment to notice that you are breathing. Feel your breath as it enters your body and leaves your body, with no need to change or alter anything. Just noticing. Pause here for a few moments to connect with your own unique rhythm. Just noticing your breath.

Perhaps you will notice areas of tension in your body, areas where you might be gripping or holding. See if you can soften and release. Again not forcing or needing to change anything – just softening and accepting things exactly as they are. Notice with compassion any feelings or emotions that may be present in your body.

I invite you to imagine that you are now lighting a candle. This candle is very familiar to you. Imagine it’s color, it’s smell. How big is the wick?  Now I invite you to notice the flame. Notice it’s shape, it’s power. How is the flame moving? Is it dancing, is it flickering? If you haven’t already, I invite you to imagine that the space around you is indeed very dark. The candle is the only light you can see. That candle is alive inside of you. Feel where it glows. Feel it’s warmth. As you gaze upon the light, where can you feel it in your body right now?  Continue Reading

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