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At The Woman’s Network, our mission is to help women reclaim their womanhood and their worth. Our online platform is a place where we can discover our voices and share our wisdom, so that together we can write the story of what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.  

Here are a few writing guidelines to get you started on your TWN blog…

Please write something that would be suitable for the following topics:

Nurturing, worth, mindfulness, spirituality, mind/ body, women’s health, women’s issues. We are looking for stories of change, transformation, and realization.

Make sure you include your full name along with a short biography. Also include your business name and website if you would like the opportunity to promote your business!

Be Authentic

TWN is a place where you allow yourself to be seen as your authentic self. It is not a place to prove, project, or protect.

Be Vulnerable

Be comfortable in the vulnerability of sharing your authentic self. We can support each other as women through our vulnerability. Dare to share, because sharing is caring!

Make it Personal

In the spirit of authenticity, we want your blog to be personal. Tell us a personal story of self-exploration. This is an opportunity to self-reflect and share what you learned from your experiences, and how this learning could be helpful to others.

Be Humble

Know that your experiences are individual to you and that giving advice is not always helpful to others. Avoid using the word ‘should’ and be humble in the wisdom you have to share.

Take Responsibility

Speak about yourself and for yourself. While it is okay to refer to others in your life and how they have helped you reflect upon yourself, be careful not to judge or speak for them. Know that we are all on our own personal journeys. This is not a place to name and blame.

Own your mess

We all love a mess to success story. By the same token, we want to hear about something you have processed and reflected on. We don’t want your blog to read like a diary entry: we want to hear about how you have stepped into your power and taken ownership of your mess!


Your blog doesn’t have to be complicated. Often “in simplicity we find the master.” Make it short and easily digestible for readers (no more than 1000 words).

A few publishing guidelines


In the spirit of TWN, where women empower themselves by giving voice to their authentic selves, you retain copyright of your written material. You may repost it to your own website or publish it in any other forum you wish.

Original Work

The submitting/corresponding author warrants that this contribution is original, that s/he has full power to make this submission, that rights in the article have not been granted to other publications or entities, that the article is copyrightable and does not infringe upon any other copyright, patent or trademark.

And most of all, have FUN writing your blog!

Bright blessings,


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