Meet our Storykeepers

Women’s voices are needed more than ever. Our courageous Storykeepers are a shining example of women who are stepping into their authentic power by sharing their truth. Together, our words can shape the world we want to leave for future generations of women by redefining what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.

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Christine Watkins Davies

Christine Watkins Davies specializes in providing leadership coaching utilizing her extensive knowledge of mindfulness studies and contemplative strategies.

Virginia Nava Heiger

Virginia is the CEO of Transformative Power, where she teaches others to access their own inner transformational leaders within. It is her wish that you may “be the gift you were born to be.”

Sahar Paz

Sahar Paz is a keynote speaker and author of critically acclaimed memoir “Find Your Voice”. She guides students, adults, and educators to understand the relationship between their thoughts and emotions, freeing them – and their voice – from destructive coping patterns. She is also a Featured Woman at The Woman’s Network.

Hannah Kinderlehrer

Hannah’s passion is supporting people’s journey of embodiment. She has studied African, contemporary, contact improvisation, 5 Rhythms and jazz. She holds a degree from Naropa University and has a is certified through the Peacemaker Institute.

Jackee Holder

Jackee Holder is a writer who loves to connect through the written word, journaling and her love of books and reading. She works as a leadership coach and coach trainer and facilitates creative writing workshops and retreats as well as personal development workshops and programmes.

Kathryn Holt

Kathryn’s intention is to help people live more peacefully, effectively, and powerfully in their bodies and lives. She offers experiential and present-centered treatment that engages and affirms the whole person in order to build full and satisfying lives.

Karna Liv Nau

Karna Liv Nau is pioneering the world of small business by helping her clients own their power and be who they truly are. As the former Director of Events for Emerging Women Karna has worked with some of the most influential women of today such as Brené Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Arianna Huffington, Sera Beak, Eve Ensler, and more.

Dalia Smith

Self-love and Life Empowerment coach Dalia Smith is passionate about encouraging women to build lasting confidence and thrive in their relationships. She specializes in the areas of romance, love, dating and marriage, inspiring women to heal negative behavior and thinking patterns and gently moving on from toxic relationships.

Alison Prideaux

Alison teaches Mindfulness in the Alps and in southern France where she also works as a busy massage therapist. She has 30 years experience in bodywork, yoga and codependency recovery and has over 3000 hours of meditation practice.

Marissa Russell

Marissa Russell is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in helping high achieving career women find fulfillment beyond their professional lives. 

Wendy Johnson

Wendy lives in Montana with her husband of 25+ years and her dog. She is retired and enjoys Native American cultures, horseback riding, hiking, cross country skiing, photography, fishing, travel and nature in general! Nothing is more soothing for Wendy than being out in nature.

Olivia Parr-Rud

Olivia Parr-Rud is a thought leader, award-winning author, radio host, and a unique voice in the world of business. Her lifelong passion for cultural evolution and human potential has guided her research into how advances in technology are driving the need for more holistic business practices.

Sonja Lockyer

Sonja Lockyer is the creator of Happy Sexy Mama, a website dedicated to empowering Mums and raising our collective vibration. She teaches Vinyasa Yoga, teaches workshops and retreats, and hosts Qoya full moon ceremonies.

Brit Hammer

Brit Hammer is a celebrated artist, bestselling author, and international award-winning photographer whose art has aptly been called “fresh and optimistic”. Brit’s work has been featured in dozens of international lifestyle magazines & design blogs and is in private collections in Europe and the U.S.

Melanie Fitzpatrick

Melanie Fitzpatrick, Certified Transformation Coach, Workshop & Retreat Facilitator. Co-Author “Communicating your Personal Brand” chapter in Woman Entrepreneur Extraordinaire. Founder of Live in your Truth, TM.

Colleen McCann

Colleen has developed a unique method of blending visual positioning and energetic clarity utilizing color theory, body type, chakra systems, crystals, astrology, naturopathy, fashion design theory and Feng Shui principles. Through these modalities, she can align the energetic and visual body, creating a sense of balance, wellness and fullness.

Kari Halvorson

Passionate about aiding people in re-aligning themselves with their true essence, Kari dedicated her life to study holistic health. She is a soul-based therapist with a Master’s of Science in Mental Health Counseling, a Reiki Master Therapist and Teacher with thousands of clinical hours, a Mindfulness Facilitator, and an Intuitive.

Sage B. Hobbs

Sage spent more than ten years in counseling, education, and community outreach. Her work has spanned diverse communities, from public schools to a residential treatment program for teens. Her experience ranges widely, including life transitions, personal empowerment, work/life balance, education, family dynamics, youth behavior, fertility struggles, cancer recovery, and more.

Natalie Lynn Rekstad

Natalie Lynn Rekstad is the Founder of Black Fox Philanthropy, a philanthropic consulting firm advising global nonprofits on funding strategy, and women and families on a journey to transform themselves, and their world via one of the most powerful vehicles available to us: philanthropy.

Dorothy Walters

Dorothy Walters, born 1928, has pioneered women’s rights since the 70s. After completing a PhD in English Literature she became one of the first college professors in the country to set up a Women’s Studies program, against much opposition from both men and women alike.

Heidi Cuppari

Heidi is the mother of Summer (9) and Cody (6). With her enigmatic personality, open heart, and investment knowledge, she is a natural financial guide for women that are ready to become the Empress of their lives. In a one-on-one or small group setting, Heidi takes her clients through an emotional and spiritual journey with money.

Karin Chen

Karin Chen is a holistic healer, wellness warrior and soulful living coach. She is a woman who is devoted to educating, empowering, and inspiring women to feel genuine self- acceptance, to feel grounded, to re-connect to the wisdom and power within, and to honor their own unique constitution for true wellness.

Patti Ashley

Dr. Patti Ashley has over thirty-three years of experience working with families and children. She owns Breakthrough Psychotherapy & Parent Coaching in Niwot, Colorado where she specializes in parenting, relationships and individual growth. She’s also the author of the book ‘Living in the Shadow of the Too-Good Mother Archetype’ and a current journalist for The Shriver Report, the Museum of Motherhood (MOM,) Good Enough Mother, and Happy Parenting.

Yvonne Randle

Yvonne Randle is a gifted writer, inspirational speaker, mother, grandmother, daughter, and CEO of You Are Dynamic. Educationally, she holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. She is also the author of several self-published books. Yvonne’s experience as a Christian and domestic violence survivor has given her the tools to inspire, educate, and encourage women to love themselves.

Nina Boddenberg

Nina is a writer, weaver, treehugger, earth warrior, and fire dancer. She has spent many years working in community welfare and community development, spending a huge amount of time doing volunteer work and environmental activism. She is a Reiki practitioner, weaver, and is currently studying a Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage.

Leslie Potter

Leslie Potter is the founder of Pure Joy Parenting, a joy based parenting model based on her experience raising her daughter as a single mom as well as working with families. She supports parents in moving from a traditional fear-based model to a joy-based one focusing on relationship and healthy attachment. Leslie is a Parent Coach with a background as a body centered therapist.

Lavinia Brown

Lavinia is a truth-seeking, Bourgeois Bohemian, multi-tasking feminist, entrepreneur Mama-of-three. She is currently cruising as a digital nomad on a year-long, family travel adventure, soon-to-be re-birthed as a women’s mentor and coach. I am lifetime student of finding inner balance and a more recent devotee of the divine feminine.

Katherine Douglas

Katie is an educator and a writer. She is the mother of a delightful three-year-old boy who is constantly teaching her how to be a better human being. She has traveled on many continents and is always looking for the next adventure.

Nicole Sheilds

Nicole is a yoga teacher & small business owner.

Susie Reinhart

Susie Rinehart is an award-winning writer, a global educator, a community activist, a mother, and a brainstem tumor survivor. She writes about how she had to abandon safety to risk living the life she wanted to lead. For 23 years, she traveled the world as a professional guide and teacher. Now her journeys are inward as she lets let go of worry and fear to find joy and radical compassion.