The Power of Bleeding

Since becoming part of the Woman’s Network I’ve been striving to embrace the cyclical nature of the moon, the earth and my body. As I write this I am 6 months pregnant with my first child, a feisty baby girl. For the first time in 16 years, I don’t have my period every month, but I still have hormones circulating in my system affecting me deeply. On the phone this morning with my dear friend, we started talking about the power of the female cycle. After hanging up, I was reflecting on how our periods have been treated in the past, and how we’re still relating to this part of being a woman today. It’s not a very pretty picture.

Period = Power?

You’ve probably heard about Red tents and cultures and places where women gather when menstruating. I’ve been in spiritual ceremonies where I needed to be in a specific chosen corner for women on their moon. No matter the reasons for these women having to be contained, because they were considered dirty or in need of female support, I can’t help but sit back and go WOW, there’s power here that can’t be denied. Even if it’s considered a bad thing, societies throughout history and the world have acknowledged it… So, what is this power?

Changes fueled by our Moon

I don’t know for sure, but here are my speculations. As women go through their monthly cycles, there are changes happening on different levels in her body leading up to the release of her own womb.

Physically ~ hormones are released that force the woman to face what’s truly going on in her life.

Mentally ~ the physical changes occurring are causing her to lose a certain control we usually employ over our minds and tongues.

Emotionally ~ there’s a rawness and an urgency in her feelings that comes from our core truths.

Cosmically and spiritually ~ we see the earth and its state and can’t accept the shit happening around us.

The Opportunity…

Doesn’t this put casual comments of “Don’t worry about Susan, she’s on her period” in a whole new perspective? What if, instead of belittling and making our periods dirty or annoying, we acknowledged that once a month we are in deeper connection to truth and power that can be utilized by us – both in our personal and professional lives.

If even a fraction of what I’m saying is true (does it feel true to you?) imagine the POWER we have yet to embrace and own when it comes to our periods? And the changes that can be fueled by this bloody gift given to us by the force that created us? It blows my mind just considering the implications of what’s possible if women everywhere heal their relationships with their moon. World, hear us howl!

Storykeeper: Karna Liv Nau

Karna Liv Nau, a Swedish native is currently running her individualized coaching service specializing in Women’s Empowerment and Business Consulting. She also serves as the Director of Events at Emerging Women where she handles project management, tech development, in addition to event production and community growth. Karna’s favorite part of working with people is helping them get in touch with their biggest vision and creating an embodied action plan to make that vision a powerful reality, that creates both personal and global change. You can find out more about Karna at


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