Black State has a fascinating post on interracial relationship that will be considering research through the 2008 U.S census results. In 2008, in america:

Ebony males married

  • 4,190,000 dark females.
  • 310,000 White women.
  • 39,700 Asian women.

For a total of 4,539,700 marriages. This might be 7.1% of most marriages.

White guys married

  • 55,399,200 White females.
  • 713,000 Asian females.
  • 137,000 dark women.

For all in all, 56,249,200 marriages. That is 88.2% of all of the marriages.

Asian guys married

  • 2,790,000 Asian ladies.
  • 193,000 White women.
  • 8400 dark women.

For a total of 2,991,400 marriages. This is certainly 4.7percent of marriages.

Overall there is 63.8 million marriages in America a year ago.

In accordance with Wikipedia regarding the 300 million or so Us citizens in 2006:

  • 73.6 percent or 220.8 million tend to be White.
  • 13.5 percent or 40.5 million are Ebony.
  • 6.4 percent or 19.2 million tend to be “other competition”. This is a non regular classification into the U.S. Census.
  • 4.4 per cent or 13.1 million are Asian.
  • 2 % or 6.1 million are Multiracial
  • 0.8 percent or 2.4 million are Natives.

The wedding statistics tend to be two years newer than the different information but they are near sufficient for people doing some straight-forward evaluations. From wedding statistics you will see dark, light and Asian all hitched inside their own battle the majority of time. So far as different ethnic groups are involved, it appears to be like White men may actually like Asian females over dark females. White guys hitched Asian woman five times more often than Black women though you’ll find 3 times as much Black Us citizens. This also seems to be genuine for Asian men since only over 4 % of these marriages some other cultural teams were to Ebony Americans.

For additional info on a few of these fashions, go to as well as a dating website that specializes in Interracial relationship, browse our very own breakdown of Interracial fit.

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