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My Story

I grew up as the middle daughter of five girls. Although this experience gave me a strong foundation in the importance of sisterhood, I lacked any understanding of my unique needs as a woman. Responding to the patriarchal nature of society and my family, I conformed to what felt safe and entered a successful business career in primarily male environments. It wasn’t until I had three children in four years and stopped working that I realized how much I had abandoned myself as a woman, not only my unique needs but my unique gifts as well.


Having a daughter also led me to want something different for her.

I believe we are in a significant transition and awakening, where women are remembering and reclaiming who they are, beyond the patriarchal conditioning we have lived by for so long.

My vision for The Woman’s Network came from a deep desire to remember my true nature with the support of other women and write a new story of what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. I began by running small women’s circles in my home in France to facilitate honest, open communication. The Woman’s Network (TWN) was born from these gatherings and a desire to collectively reclaim, heal and empower ourselves as women.


Join a Nurture Circle with Lois

I hope you’ll join me for a Nurture Circle! Our Nurture Circles are an online healing space for you to feel safe & supported, similar to the circles I initially led at my home in France.

You work directly with me and other women in a safe and nurturing environment.

As women, we often spend so much time nurturing others that we can forget to nurture ourselves. This can leave us feeling depleted, frustrated, and alone… But what’s possible when women gather in the presence of each other and truly listen to one another?

If you’re feeling alone or lacking support, our Nurture Circles create an opportunity for you to feel seen and heard by other women, in a safe space.

Come Join Us 

Give Birth To Yourself

Lois supports women to connect with themselves more deeply and heal from within.

Often women do not have enough support to see the deeper parts of themselves. Lois’s nonjudgmental and empathic approach to healing enables her to facilitate safe spaces for women to reclaim parts of themselves they have hidden away. Birthing yourself comes from reclaiming the lost parts of your being and returning to your basic wholeness.



Connect and heal from within

When individuals become more conscious of their traumas and are able to be with their own pain, their inner world becomes more comfortable to live in. With less self criticism there is room for women to share their authentic gifts with the world.


Writing a new story

As women, many of us, have lived with a disempowered story that has been passed down.

Lois aims to bring awareness to the overwhelming expectations placed on women today and help them rewrite their internal scripts and the larger story of what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.

Join Our Writer’s Circle

It is time for us to stand on the shoulders of the women who came before us.

The mother has been devalued in our culture.

Lois’s approach to healing looks at this deep wound in order to reawaken, the unconditional love and sense of belonging that the mother provides. Lois works with the mother archetype to support women in healing and reclaiming the mother within.


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Women are in overdrive mode.

By slowing down, pausing and embracing the present moment women can handle everyday stresses
with more ease and make more conscious choices about how they want to show up.

Airin is a way to slow down and take mindful breaths throughout the day

Learn more about AIRIN


Mindfulness Instruction

Lois Shannon is trained in Mindfulness Instruction and uses these techniques to help women be more present in their lives.


Honoring Yourself

Lois believes that by nurturing yourself and reclaiming sacred parts of yourself, you will have more grace, balance and pleasure in your everyday life.

Lois Shannon & TWN Values

  • Appreciation for life and our interconnectedness
  • Non-Judgment
  • Open-mindedness
  • Compassion
  • Loving Kindness
  • Curiosity
  • Safety & Nurturing
  • Presence
  • Co-creation
  • Co-operation vs competition
  • Group orientation
  • Connection & Community
  • Pleasure
  • Integrity
  • Wholeness
  • Growth & Learning

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