Just 3 Breaths: Mindfulness Practice

Nurture your presence with this simple Mindfulness Practice by empowering yourself with silence.

The Exercise: “As many times a day as you are able, give the mind a short rest. For the duration of three breaths ask the inner voices to be silent. It’s like turning off the inner radio or TV for a few minutes. Then open all your senses and just be aware – of color, sound, touch and smell.” How to Train a Wild Elephant, by Jan Chozen Bays, MD

I want you to close your eyes…and take three deep breaths…

One. Two. Three.

Now open your eyes.

Notice where you felt the breath most in your body. Listen to this part of you body as you keep breathing. Let your breath fall into a natural rhythm. Notice how this feels.

Each time your mind wanders bring your attention back to your breath…and begin again, and again and again. Each time for the first time.Each moment the only moment.

Our lives are unfolding here and now and only here and now, no matter what our thoughts are telling us. This present moment is all that is real. This is a taste of mindfulness.

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