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Dear Soul Sister,

There’s a part of us that longs to be “good enough”, to prove our worth & get our needs met. 

This is the part of us that competes… for love, money, beauty, opportunity, happiness, success, freedom, recognition, or whatever else we desire. 

This is the part of us that feels jealous… of the women in our lives who seem to “have it all.”

Why is it that if another woman achieves her goals, we feel insecure that we won’t achieve our own? That if a woman has something we want, we must take it from her in order to get it, rather than follow our own path and create it ourselves?

I believe that there is an unconscious feeling of scarcity inside our jealousy & need to compete. That somehow there isn’t enough to go around.

In our first podcast, where we explore this common issue amongst women, we will talk about how can we change this story and move into a place of abundance, trust & acceptance.

With love,

Lois Sig

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