C#, on the other hand, is widely used for developing programs that operate on Microsoft platforms. C# is used to develop web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, games and much more. Azure Functions – I think there should be a very good reason to use Azure Functions as your application’s API, and let me explain why. You’ll write both Functions and ASP.NET in Visual Studio projects.

c# for web development

During application development, it’s helpful since a lot of the complexity is already addressed. C#.net Web Developer’s Guide will enhance developer productivity and help them eliminate programming errors that can lead to increased development costs. This book teaches Web developers to quickly and easily build solutions for the Microsoft .NET platform. Web developers will learn to use C# components to build Web services and applications that are available across the Internet, from any application running on any platform.

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Our team can help you start a C# project from scratch or switch from another tech stack (C, C++, and other languages). C# is a general-purpose programming language created by Microsoft. But it doesn’t end there since there’s also Xamarin Forms.

c# for web development

Or you can deploy those same ASP.NET Web API projects to Azure App Service instances. There are pros and cons to each approach, considerations like latency and isolation, and more interesting stuff when choosing a deployment method, but we’ll talk about that in the next post. It had a lot of versions and iterations since 2012 and grew into a mature and productive framework which also happens to be very performant. It follows an MVC pattern where you map URL routes to Controller classes and specific endpoints to methods . Things like authorization and serialization are easy to implement and customize thanks to a middleware model support where you can add behavior before or after specific stages in a request. If you want to build all kinds of applications whether it be for web development or other types of applications then C# is a great programming language to opt for.

What are C# Programming Distinctive Characteristics?

App Service plan is when you pay for a dedicated Azure App Service, which is used to run the Azure Functions. This takes care of the cold start issue since the service is always on. There’s also an unlimited maximum timeout for long-running functions.

A web programmer needs to develop multiple proficiencies and gain experience with various websites. It’s often described as a language with “batteries included” because of how jam-packed with useful resources the language is. Its main strengths are its syntax and rich set of libraries. Python is very popular for machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence. While it’s not beneficial on its own, learning C# will make it easier to learn C, C++, or Java, as these languages utilize similar syntax and programming principles. A runtime is used in .NET applications to translate C# code into machine instructions on any of the supported OS.


Let’s take a brief look at C programming, as well as C++ since they’re often confused with C#. Here’s a quick table with some pros and cons of the C programming language family. Guido van Rossum, way back in 1991, wanted to develop a language that was easy to read, write, and understand. He wanted to open up the field of computer programming to everyone. It’s easy because my courses have a built-in game that’s pretty darn fun.


As a powerful language, it is ideal for developing the back end of websites. The best way to get familiar with C# is by experimenting with a variety of different learning sources and platforms. You can make powerful websites without writing any lines of code. Python Django is one of the most popular web development frameworks, it was used to build part of the Instagram backend. Other python web frameworks that can be used in place of C# include Flask, FastAPI, CherryPy, Falcon, etc. Python has an easy-to-understand syntax that makes it easy to write code.

History of C# and Python 🔗

Web Developer Government is a typical job search query Most salaries for Web Developer Government jobs pay between $70,000 and $128,000 annually. There are plenty of open positions nationwide for Web Developer Government job searches, with about 11,000 jobs hiring now on ZipRecruiter. To give a more elaborate explanation, I’d say C# has a better performance when you already know what you’re doing and you’re familiar with your toolbox. For experienced mountain bikers, there’s no contest – it’s the fastest.

c# for web development

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