Guided Meditation: Integrating the Back Body


Here’s a guided mediation you can try to help you integrate your back body. We tend to have a good connection with the front of ourselves. We orient this way, show ourselves to the world this way, towards our face, our appearance, our future.

Sitting quietly with your back straight, gently allow yourself to breathe quietly and slowly, quietly and softly, focusing upon the exhale. Begin to notice the front of your body: your face, your chest and your belly, your hips, your thighs and your knees, all engaged with the world facing forward, moving forward. This is how you present yourself to the world.

Notice now how the warmth of the radiant sun penetrates the front of your body, melting through skin, warming cells and blood vessels, hugging your bones, traveling through you with magical, secret rays. Imagine those light beams soothing, melting and softening through to your back body: the skin on your shoulders, the back of your head, the gentle curve in the back of your neck, and the warmth is moving right through to the backs of your calves and your heels.

Imagine that the sun is behind you and from the back it is illuminating that which is normally less visible, less exposed. Welcome the back of your body with the warmth of the light, allowing your breath to wash over the back of your body, beginning with your head, the back of your neck, and the broad space between your shoulders. Just notice what arises as you witness yourself from behind. What do you see? Breathe into your back.

In your imagination invite a woman to stand behind you.

How do you sense her presence? Can you see her face? Just notice, without judgment, who has appeared. How close is she to you? What is she offering you? Is there a woman behind her? Only gentle curiosity and watching. Now feel her soft hand upon your shoulder. Your support from behind, a loving affirmation for you, a reminder that you are not alone on this journey. 

Your back body holds mysteries; hidden challenges, shadows and opportunities for great awakening and support. What do you experience as you wash your breath across the back of your body now? Imagine those gentle loving hands upon your shoulders, urging you forward in your acceptance of yourself and in your conscious unfolding as a woman.

I invite you to take a snapshot, capture an image of those gentle and loving hands upon you…

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