About Jen Ross

Jen is a Body-Centered psychotherapist in Boulder who holds her MA in counseling psychology and another one in education. She draws upon her deep studies and trainings in 500-hour ISHTA yoga and Restorative yoga, Reiki, Somatic Psychotherapy and SomaSource. Her natural gift as a shape-shifting empath and her travel of the world to inform the work she does with her clients daily. Jen is a devotee to the natural world, and a threshold-crosser who holds a studious passion and knowledge about seeing ourselves and the universe through the fractal lens of Hindu mythology. Jen holds a profound space in which others of all backgrounds, cultures, and preferences are empowered to fully access their own soul expression. www.liveyourfreedom.com

Hanging up my Cape A while back, I dreamt that I was offered a job as a superhero. It was very sexy. The job title was vague and the costume was shiny, blue and full length. There were knee high boots and of course a long cape that I got to wear as part of the gig. I wasn’t…

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